Why You Should Not Be Afraid to Fail

I first wrote this post as more of a distant observer.  I used a lot of “you” not very much “I”.

I since went back and made the post more revealing and open and honest. About why I should not fear failure.  And why you should not either.

To be honest, this is hard stuff. Failing.  Succeeding.  Fearing to fail.  Fearing to succeed.  And the reasons we fear to fail are many, but probably boil down to a few.  What ever the reason or reasons, I am going to give you three reasons why you should not fear failure.  And how in the long run your success in online marketing, and in life itself, is because of failure.  I will share with you how I have failed and what it has taught me.

Unlike school or your job, your online business and my business rewards not just success but failure.  How can that be?

The answer is rather simple really. And once you know the power of not only succeeding but failing, you will find yourself growing and building your online business even faster. I know that it has kicked me in the butt more than once.

Here are three reasons why you should not be afraid to fail.  Which will help you to find success.

1,  Failing allows you to get closer to success sooner.  If you don’t fear to fail, then you won’t fear to get stuff done… and if you get stuff done, well, you get stuff done!

I have been online myself for sometime.  For me, I have observed in myself and others, paralyses by analysis.  What does this mean?

There is SO much to learn and do with having a successful online business.  Building a website and putting it out there requires a lot of knowledge including

  • deciding which niche to select
  • what platform to build a website  be it HMTL, Sitesell, WordPress, Joomla, other CMS?
  • which webhost to use (I recommend HostGator for shared or reseller and inMotionHosting for VPS);
  • how to install a website
  • how to add content
  • how to get traffic
  • how to sell something to the people who show up to your website
  • and all the seemingly endless technical things such as plugins, themes, modifying CSS, backups, etc.

Going online and building a business, a real business, takes a solid plan, action on that plan, and work.  And when (not if) you fail at something, you get that much closer to successfully completing and accomplishing something.

But it is so easy to get distracted and start chasing other methods of online income.  But each person is different.  We have different skills and strengths.  We come to online marketing with many assets and unique abilities. But we really don’t know what we are good at, what will work for us, what won’t, until we try.

What would you do if you could not fail?  What could I do if I knew I could not fail?

Let me ask it another way.  What would you do if you knew that to be successful, you had to fail 384 times.  Wouldn’t you be in a hurry to get the failures over with and be successful? But the problem is, you don’t know how many times you will get to fail on your particular journey.  Whether 10 or 24 or 210.

But it is guaranteed that you will fail at things you try to do online.  I have failed.  I have built sites that were supposed to attract organic SEO traffic, and then promote sales of an affiliate product. I spent hours and hours on three websites.  And  I have maybe made a handful of sites. I built a travel website and long story short, ended up loosing tons of unique images because I formatted a computer hard drive, and I became so disheartened that I abandoned that site for years.

But I have also succeeded at things.  I am still good at SEO.  I can dig down into a niche and build niche websites and develop lists of folks interested in these niches… I can flip websites… I am good at explaining technical things and making them simple.  And I have found that I enjoy helping others and speaking.  And I share my failures as well as my success.  That gives me credibility.

Just like me, you will spend time and effort and energy on websites that get no traffic and/or no sales. Like me, you will find websites get corrupted and/or hacked (you do have a backup plugin installed on your Worpress websites don’t you?)  You don’t know how many times you will fail at things.  I have failed a lot.  But before you and I achieve success, we’ve got to fail.  Each person’s journey is different.  So get busy and fail faster!

2.  Failing gives you insight into what does not work.  We think we are all geniuses, and we think we know what will work online.  But the only real genius is your customer.  Only the market will tell you what works and what doesn’t.  The only way you will know if a product will succeed in the marketplace, is to get the product out into the marketplace.

Do not guess.  Yes do your market research and niche research and find out what people are spending money on and then sell to that market.  But you won’t really know until you attempt to sell to that market first.

If you create an awesome information product and it falls on it’s face, all is not lost.  First you only spent a little time and money testing the marketplace therefore you really haven’t lost much time and money (have you read my report “The Power of Short Reports”?).  And you can take that information product and use it for bonuses, or break it up into new info products.

And you get to move on.  Which leads me to the third reason that you should not be afraid to fail.

3.  No one will fire you.  And you get unstuck.  You don’t have a boss, other than yourself.  No one is going to fire you.  No one is going to tell you what a lousy job you did. Nope.  No one really has to know! And because no one is there to fire you or verbally degrade you, you can fail and move on.  Quickly.

This is such a huge thing.  My boss has NO power over me and my online business.  It is mine.  It is my future and will be part of my estate that I pass onto my children.

You can fail and move on and get unstuck.  From my own personal early involvement in online marketing, I was so concerned, actually afraid of failing, that I didn’t take action.  If I don’t take action and just buy information products and dream about success, I won’t fail.  But I stay stuck.

This is so powerful.  Not having the fear of failing gets you unstuck and gives you the freedom to move forward and create things in your business.  You will fail. And sometimes it will be painful. But you are moving forward and making income and not staying stuck worrying about failing.  Instead you worry about the right things – what you have to do to launch your next product!

In summary, you should not be afraid to fail. Failing gets you to success sooner.  Failing gives you new clarity into what does and does not work in your business.  And lastly, you work for yourself and your customers, no one will fire you.  Go ahead and work hard and make mistakes and fail – instead of a boss criticizing you, you will be building an awesome online business that you will be proud of. Get unstuck.  Start moving.  Start taking action.

And don’t worry about failing, it is all part of your incredible journey.

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  1. Great post and the 3 points you made are so true. We always hear or read about the very successful people and how often they failed. But they don’t look it as failure….they see it as “well, that didn’t work…so let me try this way”.

    I am from UBC, so nice to meet you. Come and visit me some time http://wendy643.wordpress.com/

    Namaste with Unity “Love” Consciousness,
    Wendy Baudín
    Self-Love Sherpa and Wisdom Guide

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