What Is WordPress

What is WordPress and Why Should I Care?

If you have been around internet marketing or considered building an online business, and you don’t have a website up yet, you have probably asked yourself this question: “What is WordPress?  And why should I care and what does it matter?”

Very good question.

WordPress is a software program that resides on your website’s server (not your computer at home or business), that creates web pages for your website visitors.

Yep that is it.  Wordpress is software that creates website pages to each website visitor who comes to your website.

And with WordPress you can quickly and easily create gorgeous looking webpages, without employing the services of an expensive webmaster. And you don’t need to know HTML, or PHP, or any other acronyms.

If you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word, then you can build web pages. Quickly.  And easily.

Yes, really.

Done For You

First, let’s consider what WordPress is not.  It is not a programming language like HTML, or PHP.

WordPress does not cost money. It is truly “free” software and typically comes ready to install with most website hosting packages.

A WordPress website does not take a lot of time to set up.  Typical setup time is to logging into your website host and getting a WordPress website up and live with a default theme that comes with WordPress, can take less than five minutes.

No Programming to Learn

Publishing and creating webpages with WordPress does not require you to learn programing.  WordPress is a Content Management System, or CMS, which means the software manages the content, leaving you to create the content. WordPress keeps all the content in databases, which means the content or information is stored on your website host’s server.

If you need to change or update content on a WordPress page, you don’t have to wait and hire a website designer, who makes one small change and sends you one large invoice.  Instead, you can make quick changes to existing pages using a built in editor that is really a simplified on-line word processor.

Push Button Publishing – Really!

With WordPress, you really can have push button publishing.  Just log into WordPress editor, add content to the editor, press a little button called “Publish” and that is it!  WordPress publishes a page that easily.

Want to add graphics or photos? Easy.  Just drag a photo or graphic from your desktop computer or laptop, into the WordPress editor displayed on your browser, and WordPress will do the rest – resize and upload the image to your website.  Press “Publish” and a graphic image is now displayed on your website’s page.

Want to add a YouTube video?  Or a podcast that you made?  Or upload a special report that you would like to share with clients? All of this can be added to your website in a very quick manner.


As of the date of this post, there are over 60 million websites in the world use WordPress to power their website.  And there are many reasons that it is so popular.  Some of the top three reasons include that much of the hard work is done for you, no programming is needed to build or maintain the website, and that publishing content is really push button easy.

If you are wanting to build an online business, you will need a website.  Should it be WordPress?  There are many reasons why it should be.  And these are just three.

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