Piggy Bank

Day 22 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of those strategies that everyone seems to talk about, but few people seem to actually do. Sort of like dental flossing. But based on a recent report I prepared, I can see the power usefulness of this strategy. And how this can over the long term, fill my piggy bank with […]

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Day 21 – Online Content Creation

Creating online content that is useful and relevant on a consistent basis, has probably been one of biggest challenges. If content is the new SEO, and not keywords in my metatags or backlinks or other pre-Penguin/Panda strategies, then content, original, fresh, great, wonderful content, should be high on my list of what I produce and […]

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Day 20 – Emailing My List

Emailing my list and staying in contact. Building a relationship, not just a list. And to build that relationship, does require frequent communication. I have to really understand this – that people who sign up to my email list through my optin box, really really want to hear from me! It doesn’t matter if I […]

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Wordfence Vs Better WP Security

Wordfence Vs Better WP Security

A recent question by Virginia from California was this: So here’s a question, after having read your blog post on using WordPress.  How do you compare Wordfence and iThemesSecurity?  Is either one better?  Could I conceivably use BOTH of them at once? And my answer is Yes! Mostly. Usually. But it depends. It is a […]

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