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Putting Together Your Sales Funnel

Putting Together Your Sales Funnel

Some marketers create a product, sell it, and then brainstorm their next product. Smart marketers, however, are always thinking several products ahead. But they don’t just brainstorm a product idea. Instead, they brainstorm an entire sales funnel. That’s what this blog post will help you do too. Planning Your Sales Funnel What we’re going to […]

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Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is Email Marketing Dead? If Email Marketing is Dead Why Should You Market with Email? I suppose you have heard or seen comments from those who say email marketing is dead. Why? Because email delivery is problematic and unreliable, the net is flooded with spam, teenagers and the millennial generation are using social media instead […]

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Niche Marketing Explained Part 3

Research and Finding Products for Niche Markets In Part 1, we discussed what niche marketing was, why it was important to your online niche business, and how to identify your customer avatar. In Part 2 of this series, we looked at what niche marketing was not.  In particular, we discovered that a key point in […]

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Check Wordpress Health

Check WordPress Health – 10 Things

Check Your WordPress Health – 10 Things You Must Do Now It is January 2015.  The beginning of the new year. Lots of ideas. Goals.  Plans. And for those in the United States, it is probably time to get out of the house and start working off some of the wonderful food that we have […]

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5 SEO Tips for Blogs

5 Quick SEO Tips For Blogs

5 Quick Tips To Get Organic Search Engine Traffic to Your Blog Blogging success online is about two things – traffic and converting that traffic to customers and sales. As we post on our blog, how do we get traffic?  How do people find us in the search engines? And what can we do to […]

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Simple Websites Sell

Simple Websites Sell

  Going Against the Grain – Why Simple Websites Sell What do the following websites have in common? And yes this is a trick question. If you said they are all dot coms, well that is correct, but that isn’t the answer I am looking for.  Take a […]

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