My 30 Day Challenge

ColorfulComputerI have completed a 30 day challenge.  What challenge and why?

The What is a productivity challenge designed to get your online productivity efforts focused on the things that create results.  The What for me is to focus each day on being productive, not busy.

Productive is creating a landing page or crafting an email to my autoresponder.  Busy is checking my email or surfing on Facebook for an hour.

The challenge that I decided to take on was Connie Ragen Green’s 30 Day Productivity Challenge.  You can see that the challenge started this past spring and formally ended in May.

But no matter.  I realized that I needed to set before myself daily goals, and do them.

But which goals?

This became simple by just following the daily challenge task.

And This Is The Why

To have publicly committed to do something, and follow through no matter what. Because then your commitment also says volumes about your integrity.

The why is also about creating a focus of habit and business productivity for 30 days.  And another why is that I would be in Atlanta at the first of August 2014, attending David Perdew’s NAMS12 event, and I wanted to show up and use the workshop to build on my 30 days of action and activity.

My next semi-brilliant thought was, to take Connie’s challenge to the next level, and not only follow the challenge, but create some great content for my blog/website.

I did this by creating a daily blog post about that day’s challenge, the task, and the results.  And at the same time create 30 blog posts, which is a great way to get content on my blog.

What Were The Results?

As a result of taking on the 30 Day Productivity Challenge, three things happened in my business.

First, I was able to clearly see what I needed to do each and every day.

Second, I was able to focus on just those daily things that get me where I need to be. And not get lost and chasing rabbits down holes.

And lastly, it has caused me to stretch and grow, to really care about myself and my dreams and goals and what I want to achieve in my life.

Completing the challenge was not always easy.  And I did get behind, and the 30 Day Challenge took more than 30 days.  But I did not quit.

Daily Action and Momentum

I kept moving forward and worked on each daily task.  Starting and completing each daily challenge at a time.

My thoughts on completing this challenge on that last day are here in the 30 Day post.

If you are thinking of taking on a challenge, be it a blogging challenge, a video challenge, or any other challenge, I would encourage you to step up, stick your neck out, and start moving forward.

It is a great journey.  And taking on challenges is just part of it.

If you have any questions concerning challenges, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mike Darling

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