Multiple Passive Income Streams by Dennis Becker

Review of Dennis Becker Multiple Passive Income Streams

Dennis Becker “Multiple Passive Income Streams”

Dennis Becker, the “5 Buck a Day” guy, has written a rather short but pithy 27-page report titled “Multiple Passive Income Streams.”

Passive Income Streams is of course is the holy grail we are all looking for.  Work once and get paid forever.

Push a button and watch money roll in while laying on a white sandy beach drinking Corona’s with a pretty lady by my side.

I wish.

I will take any one or all four of those. At least the beer and the pretty lady and the beach. Ok, I will take the money also.

Who Is Dennis Becker?

If you don’t know Dennis Becker, then you should.  I have known him for about five years, and have been a member of his online membership site for approximately 6 or 7 years now.

He is the 5 Bucks a Day guy who taught us all to set our sights low, to focus and complete in a week, a complete project that would bring in a whopping $5 USD a day.  Or $150 USD a month. 

The beauty of that strategy of course, is to start and complete something in a defined span of time (one week) that would bring in a little money.  And then star and complete another project.  And another.  After several months, multiple streams of $5 bucks per day per site start adding up to real money.

I have to say this.  If you have ever met Dennis, then you have met one of the most personable and friendly and caring people I know.  In a crowd he is very quiet.  He is not the WF rockstar, if you know what I mean.

He has owned and run real brick and mortar businesses. He understands accounts receivables, employees, real overhead to run a store.  He knows and understands businesses.

And he knows and understands what it takes to create passive income.

The Truth About Passive Income

Dennis right off the bat discusses the allure of passive income but points out the reality, that up front you will be working 8, 10, 12, even 16 hour days. And that it takes work, real work and a lot of it, to set thing in place.

But it is fun and addictive to build up multiple small income streams from work that we did months or years ago. But Dennis makes it clear that there is real work involved, and there are not any push buttons.

You have to work and work and work.  And wait for the income.

The Real Truth.  I don’t hear that much from folks.

Dennis wants us to start and complete projects and so that we can enjoy and benefit from the work we put in.

Niche Sites

This of course is my favorite.  Dennis does discuss five different methods for generating passive income, but one of my favorites is building niche websites.  And Dennis does a great job in providing both an overview and detailing how a business model can be built around niche sites.

There is some great advice on finding a niche, selecting a domain name, monetizing, and generating traffic.

Good stuff.  Click here to download Multiple Passive Income Streams by Dennis Becker.  Free download.  No optin required.

Have a super niche day!

Mike Darling

P.S.  And if you like the way Dennis explains business models and how to transform your online business, step by step, go pick up a copy of 5 Bucks A Day.









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