Mentoring Program Revealed

Recently I have had the honor and privilege of having my online business put under a microscope by Connie Ragen Green as part of her 10K Laser Coaching Program.

For two months, Connie and Adrienne Dupree will have me on the phone, and review my online business and websites, and ask questions and make suggestions.

And all of this will be recorded.  And you get to listen in.

Not the Typical Coaching and Mentoring Program

This is a rather unusual intermarketing mentoring program.  Most IM mentoring programs are typically either group coaching or one-on-one.  Having someone review and coach and provide mentoring, and record those sessions for others to listen to and learn from, is a unique opportunity.

You get to hear real live unrehearsed coaching.

And you get to hear my progress and my changes over the two months of coaching.

To be honest, participating in an internetmarketing mentoring and coaching program like this, where my business, the good, the bad, and the ugly, are all on display, was a huge step for me to take.

And a little scary.

Why I Volunteered To Do Something Scary

But I was willing to do it for three big reasons.

First, I wanted to actually make some serious progress.  The timing was right.  Because of certain recent events I would have been unable to devote the time and effort. But the time is now.

Secondly, I truly wanted to create a different life for myself and my two sons.  I wanted to use my time to create assets.  In my years of work as a corporate employee, I have built assets for the business owners, and have to keep exchanging my time directly for dollars.  I want to build something for myself long lasting.

And thirdly, I wanted to help others and create a legacy. If I could do this, so can you. 

What Do People See When They See Us?

In one of the earlier coaching and mentoring sessions, Connie asked me, what did I want people to think of when they thought of me? What do I want to be known for?

This is a tough question to think about and respond to, because the answer to that question involves both a deliberate marketing strategy and a vulnerability and transparency as a business and as a person. Especially when I am the business.

Listen in to our conversations and the answer at 10K Laser Coaching Program. Use coupon code 10ksuccess to reduce the price by $20 USD.

Let me know what you think about these coaching and mentoring sessions with Connie Ragen Green.

Mike Darling


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