fishbowlMy online business in a fishbowl.  That’s what I have volunteered to do.

Over the next couple of months, Connie Ragen Green and Adrienne Dupree are going to examine my online business under the harsh light of day, and help me connect some pieces together.

They are going to do this by conducting coaching and mentoring sessions over the phone and over screen/webinars, and recording those sessions.

Access to most of these sessions is inside of a membership site, 10K Laser Coaching (which by the way you can still get a $20 USD discount using the code 10KSucccess)

But you can get to hear the first session that I had with Connie and Adrienne – for free!  Just go here and listen.  It is an mp3 so you can download to your computer:

I am being very open and very vulnerable by doing this.  You get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of my business.

And you will also be able to be a fly on the wall and get to see someone (Connie Ragen Green) who knows what they are doing, leading and coaching someone (me!) to build bigger things.

Join me and Connie and Adrienne.  Join 10K Laser Coaching today and see how you can change and grow your own online business, by watching and listening to Connie.

Mike Darling