Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is Email Marketing Dead?

If Email Marketing is Dead Why Should You Market with Email?

I suppose you have heard or seen comments from those who say email marketing is dead.

Why? Because email delivery is problematic and unreliable, the net is flooded with spam, teenagers and the millennial generation are using social media instead of email to connect. 

But email marketing is not dead.  Far from it.

Survey of Small Business Owners

In fact, based on data collected by Aweber, the micro and small business owner find that using email marketing, makes a HUGE difference in their business.

The cost/value ratio of an autoresponder expense compared to the return in increased sales, is a no brainer. Here is what small business owners reported in the survey:

  • Masters of multitasking because of the small size of their business and small number of employees;
  • Stay connected with email and social media sources;
  • Focus on digital content including email, blogging, and social media; and
  • Love email because it helps them grow their business.

Seventy percent said in the survey, that email generates additional revenue for their business.



Data and Infographic by AWeber

To me the big take away from this infographic, is that if a business makes assumptions about email marketing that are not true, then they may be hurting the growth of their own business.

Email marketing is not dead. It just isn’t used as well as it can be.

Resources Mentioned in this Post

Aweber – Automate the collection of leads and customer contact information, and setup followup marketing emails.  There are several good autorepsonders.  This is the one I use.


What are your thoughts on email marketing and how you use it in your business?

Mike Darling

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