Day 30 – Just The Beginning

red_question_markThis may be the end of this 30 Day Productivity Challenge, but I like to think of it as just the beginning.

With this challenge, I was able to create and publish 30 blog posts. With this challenge, I was able to gain a unique perspective of my business – and take a hard cold look at what has worked, what is working and what I need to do more of.

With this challenge, and in combination of working with Connie Ragen Green with the 10K Laser Coaching Program, I have been able to focus on what I want to teach people to do – find and exploit niche sites and generate income from niche sites.

With this 30 Day Challenge, I have been able to step up my game, and focus on the things that work and make me money – affiliate marketing, niche sites, and more info products.

Because of this challenge,  I have discovered new ways of re-purposing content such as publishing a blog post to Slideshare as a pdf document – and getting more free traffic to my blog as a result.

Because of this challenge, I have started and completed something that I am proud of.  And created teaching posts that can actually help people solve their problems.  And maybe entertain.

Have you taken the 30 Day Productivity Challenge yet?

Consider taking this on.  And doing it.  And completing it.

What would stop you from taking on this challenge?  Please comment below.

Take the Challenge.

Mike Darling


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