Day 28 – How To Repurpose Content

Re-purposing content. Why consider this?

Taking your content and repurposing it does take a little more effort and time, but the result that the content is available in more than one format, and the content gets distribution over a wider network, such as social media.

As part of this challenge, I took a blog post, Case Study – Maximize Your Conversions, and have done two things with it.

First, I uploaded my blog post as a pdf to Slideshare which you can see here at Darling.  Slideshare is a social sharing service and website.

And secondly, I did an audio presentation of the blog post recording to Audacity, and saved it to a mp3.

And I sent a link to that blog post to my list.

More is on the way.

If there is enough interest, I should show you how I converted the blog post to a pdf, and then uploaded to Slideshare.  Takes less than a minute.

The original blog post is rather meaty.  And really covers a number of subjects.  So I will actually take some of the paragraphs, and rewrite them, add more depth, and create some articles that link back to my website.

Yes a little work and effort.

But it is becoming a great way to be everywhere.  And provide folks with content in different formats.

Mike Darling


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