Day 27 – Online Business Goals

beachWhy do I build an online business?

My short term goals are to create some space and time for me and my sons.

My long term goals are to replace my income working full time as a geologist. I also want to travel more, spend more time fishing and traveling with my family.

I want options.

I want to be able to earn an income whose pay scale is not dictated by someone sitting in a government office 100 miles away, who doesn’t know me and has never met me.

My goal with this online business is to create a different life for myself and my sons.  To create a heritage.

I also want to make a difference around me.  And leave something positive and beneficial behind. To also help other people succeed.

And I want to live in Bend, Oregon for most of the year. And then after Christmas, fly to somewhere warm and sunny where I can where shorts 24/7 and take long walks on a sunny beach.

But to get there will require much work and dedication.

But oh so worth it.

Mike Darling

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