Day 26 – Outsourcing The Business

outsourcingOutsourcing pieces of an online business is not just smart, it is necessary to grow.  As business increases, so also must the capacity to keep up with the volume of customer support issues like support tickets, lost passwords and access to products, and much more.

As a part time entrepreneur with a full time corporate job, I only have so much time to spend on creating a business online.  The task of maintaining that business online is something easily outsourced.

Every business has customers coming and going, and the job to maintain the infrastructure of a business, even an online business, is important.

And outsource things I am not just very good at.

If you are looking for some great information on outsourcing, Dennis Becker has a great training on outsourcing.

Why I Don’t Do Graphics

For example graphics.  I couldn’t design or draw my way out of a paper bag.  I don’t own Photoshop, and never intend to buy it.


Because people who own Photoshop obviously own it for a reason – they like design and creating graphics.  And they understand layers and scripts and slices.

I own Snagit by Techsmith.  I can resize an image.  Crop it.  Put a ragged border on it.  Quickly.  That is all I need to know because that is all I need to do.

Lighten an image?  Create a unique header graphic? Create an ebook cover?

Outsource it baby!

And the result is I spend my time doing what I do best – creating great information products. And let the experts with graphic design do what they do best – graphic design.

What is your outsourcing challenge?

Mike Darling

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