Day 24 – Follow Up and Follow Through

corporate-businessOne of the comments that Connie Ragen Green makes in her online 30 Day Productivity Challenge, is that each year, few people follow through on the daily challenges to the end.  And that this bothered her, but she realized that adults have to take responsibility for their own success.

As a geologist working in a corporate environment for over 26 years, following up and following through on tasks is mandated by my employer. I do not sit at my desk wondering what new creative thing I can do for my employer.

My projects and tasks, as outlined by my manager(s) is pretty clear.

My New Online Boss

And now I am online. But there is no boss but me.

No calendar of due dates and deliverables but what I create.

One of the biggest shifts in my thinking as a result of this 30 Day Productivity Challenge, has been moving from “what am I going to do today?” to “should I create a blog post, helpful email to my list, or create a product today?”.

When I sit down in front of the computer, I have a much clearer picture of my tasks to do that day.  And they do not include checking my email or buying some new product.

I Am Virtually Everywhere

I don’t need more stuff.

I need more of me out there.  More of my tweets.  More Facebook posts.

More simple solutions to problems plaguing online marketers. More followup emails in my autoresponder sequence.  More niche websites.

More virtual real estate.

More serving and helping people.

This shift in thinking and mindset has not been easy.  It has been scary in many ways. But as I leave the boats of mediocrity burning behind me, there is in front of me opportunity and adventure.

And all I have to do is follow up and follow through.

And create.  And publish.

What has been your biggest challenge with becoming a solopreneur?

Mike Darling

2 Responses to Day 24 – Follow Up and Follow Through

  1. Nate September 5, 2014 at 2:31 pm #

    My biggest challenge has been focusing on which products and service packages to focus on when creating marketing campaigns to attract new clients. Businesses need help with so many things! Which one do I like doing the most?

    • Mike September 6, 2014 at 3:26 pm #

      Nate, great question. Businesses do need help with so many things, especially from the online marketing angle. But it seems like they either don’t really see it or the necessity, or they don’t set aside enough money for marketing, and underestimate what online marketing costs on an ongoing basis.

      So, what is the answer to your question? Which thing(s) can you help businesses with that you like doing and is profitable?

      Mike Darling

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