Day 23 – Leaving The Comfort Zone

I find it rather fascinating, that so many of Connie Ragen Green’s daily challenges from the 30 Day Productivity Challenge, have to do with mindset.  How I think about my daily success.

What is success?  What is my comfort zone?

And why I cannot stay in my comfort zone if I want to succeed with something wonderful that requires extraordinary effort.

And this business requires extraordinary effort.  And requires me to go outside my comfort zone.

Things that take me out of my comfort zone include speaking in public, going up to strangers and near strangers at events and introducing myself, creating daily emails to send to my list of friends, finding things to directly sell or recommend, and promote those to my friends.

My comfort zone is created by me for a reason – although I may not like my circumstances, I can create a safe and secure nest in that place that makes me feel comfortable.  But most people that I know that are at a place of success that I want to be, realized that this self created cushion of comfort was an illusion. 

It was not a comfort zone.

It was a defeat zone.  A zone of mediocrity.

Just being like everyone else.

I do not want to be like everyone else.  I want the time and money and freedom to be the person that I am supposed to be.  I want to make a long lasting impacting on my sons and the world around me.

And I realize that to create the life I want, to create a legacy, does not come from working a mind-numbing 40 hour a week job.  When I work a 40-hour a week job, my effort creates someone else’s dream.

I can and will do the things I need to do to create an extraordinary life, buy living extraordinary. Which is not in a comfort zone.

What a great question.

What is your biggest challenge when leaving your comfort zone?

Mike Darling



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