Day 22 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of those strategies that everyone seems to talk about, but few people seem to actually do.

Sort of like dental flossing.

But based on a recent report I prepared, I can see the power usefulness of this strategy. And how this can over the long term, fill my piggy bank with lots of coins. 

Piggy BankI recently wrote an eight step guide on how to quickly setup niche websites by using a system.  And of course at the end of the report I featured a section called Resources.

This was an opportunity to recommend those products and tools that I have bought already, and know and use.

Affiliate Links Don’t Work If You Don’t Have Them

But it was a lot of work.  I use Easy Redirct Script by Will Mattos of RapidCrush, Inc. to keep track of all my affiliate links.  I installed Easy Redirct Script on a single domain – – and keep track of all the affiliate links and redirects there.

Dead brain simple.

But affiliate programs and affiliate links don’t work if you don’t have them.

When I got to the resources page of my newly written report, I discovered that yes I had bought and used many products and tools over the years, and yes I want to gladly promote them, but three things struck me:

  • First, I had not even joined an affiliate program for tools I bought a long time ago and use all the time;
  • Secondly, if I was an affiliate, I didn’t have affiliate links setup; and
  • Thirdly, I didn’t have a vehicle to get my links out there.

 Much Work To Do

This is the part of work first get paid later.  It is work. No, not a sweaty digging a ditch kind of work.  But focused, intense mental work.

And it had to get done.

The results of this effort is that I added more affiliate products to my list of things that I can promote.  And I have my first real vehicle to drive traffic – a pdf report that I am giving away.

I can only write my first report once.

I only have to create new affiliate links once.

But I can giveaway or sell my reports and other products many many times.

And I can reuse my affiliate links many many times.

This is the power of multiplying my time and effort.

Avoiding the Trap of Exchanging Time for Income

On Day 13 of my 30 Day Challenge, I talked  about falling into a trap.  The trap of trying to build an online business that required a one-to-one exchange of time to income.

And the only way to escape that is to build online assets that people will buy and download all hours of the day and night.

This is the start.

What a great journey and great opportunity.

Mike Darling

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