Day 2 – My Online Business Models

Day 2 of my 30 Day Productivity Challenge.

man-with-questions-smToday the daily challenge or task is selecting a business model. A model that will generate income.


I have to decide which are both lucrative and which best suit my needs, what I am good at.

Here are several great ways to get started.

  • Information products
  • Authorship (Kindle and paperback)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Physical products (Amazon)
  • Local business marketing
  • Niche sites/Membership sites
  • Providing your services to others
  • Coaching/Consulting/Mentoring

Ok, this is a bit easier than trying to find myself in Google.  I know what I am already doing, and what I don’t want to do… that leaves me a handful of choices that I really want to do, have done, and I am good at.

Physical Products – Nope.  Don’t yet want to handle or touch physical products.  I might consider if someone else drop ships.  But not yet.

Local Business Marketing – Already doing this.  Too much like another job.  I already work 40+ hours a week based directly on time.  I am truly looking for residual income. So nope.

Authorship (Kindle and Paperback) – I know that self publishing is all the rage.  And I know that I need and do want to publish a book.  But I don’t want to try to do it as a monetary income stream. I want to publish and sell books to build my brand, not to directly increase my bank account because of the number of books I sell.  I could be wrong, and when I do publish I will enjoy the sells of Kindle and physical books.  But I don’t want to focus on this just yet.

Providing My Services to Others – Just like local business marketing,  I am already doing this. I currently charge $35 to $75 an hour to do work like building websites, malware removal, setting up squeeze pages and sales funnels, connecting Aweber autoresponder to squeeze pages and optin pages, etc… But I get only paid if I clock in and track and log my hours and send an invoice, for which I use Freshbooks by the way.

Coaching/Consulting/Mentoring – This can be big money. Selling your time for dollars, but at pretty good rates.  And you can leverage your time by doing group coaching. Maybe someday, but for now, I have to build up credibility.  And that means…

Information products/Affiliate marketing/Niche sites/Membership sites – My strengths, the things I can do quickly and easily, is build things.  I know and love WordPress.  I can connect the back end.  I can create digital products.  I can build niche websites in little obscure niches (such as plant niches) that get an amazing amount of traffic.  This I can do.  This I have done.  This I have actually made money through the sell of digital info products, or Adsense, or affiliate marketing. So looking at all these possible models, I will focus on these three things.

Follow me through this process. It will be fun!


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