Day 19 – Finding My Prime Time to Work

primary_clockDay 19 – When is your Prime Time? By Prime Time I don’t mean television time.

Instead when are your best hours each day to be productive?

And by productive I mean get things done.  Accomplished.

It seems that many marketers work well into the late evening and very early morning hours.

But I am going to be a contrarian and tell you that my best time, my most productive time, my Prime Time, are the early morning hours. After a good night’s sleep I might add.

It can be 4 am in the morning, and with strong, freshly ground French Roast coffee in hand, I can focus and be really productive and crank good stuff out and get stuff done.

It Is a Job

Observing my own work habits and productivity, I notice that at work, at my day job, it is in the morning and early afternoon hours that I accomplish most. And late afternoon my brain gets fried.  I do seem to bounce back about 5 pm to 6 pm, when most of the office is empty and I am not distracted by impromptu visitors or phone calls or noise around my cubicle.

I find that I have another window of productivity for an hour or two after work and dinner.  But before 10 pm.  I also find that if I eat too much carbs at dinner or consume adult beverages, then that impacts my ability to stay awake and focused.

A Part-Time Marketer’s Time

As a part-time marketer, I have to be able to utilize and protect those slivers of time that I have available.  An hour or so in the morning before heading off to work.  Sometimes an hour at lunch (I am composing this blog post during my lunch break on a 11-inch laptop that I carry in my backpack, and 2 or maybe 3 hours in the evening after dinner with family.

And weekends are not a work fest.  I still have to take care of the other things of life – grocery shopping, clean bathrooms, and other mundane things.  But I have noticed that again, my prime time of productivity is morning hours – and that if I don’t focus and stay on task, then next thing I know it is noon.  And nothing is done.

So on weekends, I have found it helpful to use the day as if I was self-employed.  What that means is not drinking coffee and surfing till 10 am.  If I was self-employed, I would be done with breakfast and ready to go with Prime Time Productivity each morning by 7 am or so.

The Weekend Marketer

Weekends can be an illusion. That for a part-time marketer we think we can get two 8-hours days of work done on our marketing.  That we have all the time in the world when we wake up.

So I have found it useful and helpful, to live my weekends as if this was a weekday and I was self-employed, until I am self-employed.  Which means yes I have to wash the car and mow the grass and exercise, but I need to preserve and protect those precious hours in the morning.

And get focused.

And get things done.


So when is YOUR Prime Time?  And what are you doing to preserve and protect that time?  Just place your comment below.

Mike Darling


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  1. Virginia August 19, 2014 at 6:06 am #

    Hi, Mike. Interesting timing. I just put the finishing touches on a whole special report on productivity — and finding “prime time” was certainly part of it! For me, it’s late morning, then again late afternoon, and again, late evening. I’m writing this at 11 p.m. Regular ups and downs — so I plan a little laundry, some weeding, maybe even a nap in the down periods. I am sure everyone is different — if they THINK about it!


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