Day 1 – Who is Mike Darling Anyway?

who is mike darling

Who is Mike Darling and Where can he be found?

Day 1 of 30 Day Productivity Challenge.  Here is my task:

“Google yourself and see what you find…scroll through the first three pages and see what is considered by Google to be the most relevant search results when someone is looking for more information about you.  Do this for your own name and share your results.”

So I Googled the name “Mike Darling” using a new incognito window with Google Chrome.  And putting my name first without and with quotes.  The result?

Sadness All Around – Who Are These Imposters?

Rather sad if someone is trying to find me… There are 15,200,000 results without quotes, and 24,800 results with quotes.  There are 10 results for the first page of Google for “Mike Darling”, and none of them are me.

There is the senior editor of Mens Health Magazine, a movie producer, a photographer, contractor, a software engineer.  Under the images result, there is a picture of me.  Yay!

Page 2 – The Backwater of Google

Google Search for Mike DarlingOn page 2 of Google results, there is Mike Darling the hockey player, a registered nurse, Mike Darling cinematography, a dude living in the frozen north (Canada), a totally awesome guy named Mike Darling who is a mixed Martial Arts fighter, and a teacher at Oakridge… oh yea, there I am!  A single listing from my website

And that is it for page two.  So for the first 20 listings in Google, I appear once… so sad ;-(

And Deeper Into the Lost URLs

And page three doesn’t get any better. An athlete named Mike Darling, an Ibiza Rocks Group (whatever the heck that is) featuring Mike Darling, an artist, another artist in the UK (Darling after all is English), and lastly on page 3 of Google, a New Zealand policeman named Mike Darling with forensic experience.

Wait!  I see me!  There I am!

There is a listing from a post of mine on Adventures of Beer, Food and Wine with a local meetup.

On page 3.  Of Google.

Now I Am Truly Swimming in the Backwater

Page 4 doesn’t get any better… although a post to NAMS10 shows up as a single listing.

Don’t think I want to do any more searching. Most depressing.

My feelings are hurt.

Google is supposed to know about everyone, and I am barely a pimple on the internet cyber radar.

Going From a Pimple to a Molehill

The message is clear.  I cannot be found if people are searching for me.

If people are searching for Mike Darling they are going to find a movie producer or magazine editor or mixed martial arts athlete or a New Zealand policeman.


My first thing to do is to go from a pimple on the surface of the internet to at least a molehill.  At least a molehill is several inches high.

What to do? What about C. Michael Darling? (going for the E. Brian Rose angle).  Only two pages of Google results.  I can soon and quickly dominate for that.

Who is Mike Darling? And why cannot he be found on the internet?

dominate name for mike darlingMy Evil Plan for World Domination of the Name Mike Darling

I have a strategy.  And six months from now I will post my updated results.

This should be fun!

Mike Darling

2 Responses to Day 1 – Who is Mike Darling Anyway?

  1. Michael Davis July 26, 2014 at 8:42 pm #

    Try 643,000 results with quotes! But I did see myself on page one for two comments I made on a couple of youtube videos.

    Of course, this could be Google sifting through my own contacts so I’m curious if others see these comments too? If so, I will forever be more careful about what I say on youtube!

    • Mike July 26, 2014 at 8:55 pm #

      Yes Michale, those are a lot of results. Could you use a middle initial or middle name and differentiate yourself from all the other Michael Davis’ out there? And then register that domain name and start using that name in all your signatures.

      I don’t see your comments on YouTube.

      Mike Darling

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